Path Traversal

Path Traversal is a fancy name for what is basically just accessing different directories in the URL. “Say what?” I hear you say. This is a very basic form of attack, but let’s go through it step by step. What is it? Sometimes you see this in your URL of a website: The uploads/IMG0624.JPG sure looks like … Continue reading Path Traversal

Cookie Security

Nowadays cookies are a vital part of browsing the internet. They are a way to keep track of your movements within a site and store data directly onto your web browser. Keeping them as secure as possible prevents bad people from hijacking your web sessions and stealing our identity. What Are Cookies? Cookies help keep … Continue reading Cookie Security

Introduction to Cryptography

What is Cryptography? Cryptography derives its name from the Greek word “Kryptos,” which means “Hidden Secrets.” Cryptography is the practice and study of hiding information. It’s the Art or Science of converting a plain intelligible data into unintelligible data and again re-transforming that message into its original form. It provides Confidentiality, Integrity, Accuracy. Encryption The … Continue reading Introduction to Cryptography